Specialist Tools

We know that there a lot of hand tools used across a lot of industries, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and spanners, but there are also a variety of specialist tools used by professionals that have less generic, more specific uses. These include plumbing, woodworking, construction, automotive and vehicular maintenance tools, such as hand drills, hand planers, pipe benders or tyre depth gau...


At RS, we have a vast range of specialist tools to meet your needs from leading brands across various industries, such as Bacho, Facom, Weller and from our own brand RS PRO.

What kinds of specialist tools are available?

Pipe Benders

Used to bend pipes to a particular angle to position them around corners or difficult spaces, pipe benders make it easy and accurate. Available for a number of pipe diameters to ensure a smooth and clean bend and to stop damage occurring to the pipe in any way.

Shovels and Spades

Shovels and spades assist with the transfer of loose materials and aggregates with ease. Whether you are moving material from one place to another, digging trenches or preparing an area for laying foundations, shovels have a large surface area meaning they can move large amounts quickly.


These quality building tools are used for a variety of jobs within construction work, such as mixing, applying and levelling grout and mortar between brickwork. We have a range of brick, bucket, mastic, pointing and plasterers trowels.


Tweezers are go-to devices for retrieving or transferring small, fiddly, inaccessible or stuck items or components between locations. They're operated between the thumb and index finger and sold in many shapes, sizes and point/tip types.

Spring Hooks

Spring hooks help engineers, jewellers and model-makers lever springs to position, as well as directing/retrieving wiring and O-rings. They can be light-duty or heavy-duty, depending on the spring gauge.

Hand Drills

Ideal for working with wood, hand drills offer more accuracy and precision to jobs without the need for any electrical power.


Used to magnetise and demagnetise metal tools. Electrical components such as PCBs and sensitive computer parts can be effected by magnetic fields, so magnetisers help to ensure that your metal tools are safe for use.