RS estoca uma ampla gama de selantes e produtos selantes. Veja a nossa ampla gama incluindo selantes de cimento, selantes químicos, selantes de silicone e removedores de selantes de nossas principais marcas: como a Dow Corning e Bostik.

RS Pro Adhesives

Strong, super quick and all at great prices. Plastic, metal, rubber or wood, we have the superglue to bond and repair every surface.

3M Tapes For Electrical Insulation

Durable, and offering high mechanical and dielectric strength, these new polyester and glass cloth electrical tapes give you everything you need to keep out moisture and stop abrasion.

RS Pro PTFE / Self-Amalgating Tapes

Seal joints fast and keep out corrosive gases, water and chemicals with this selection of PTFE and self-amalgamating tapes.