Fontes de Alimentação e Transformadores

RS Componentes tem uma ampla gama de fontes de alimentação, incluindo DC para DC conversores, painéis solares e geradores portáteis. A variedade de sistemas de montagem disponível significa que você será capaz de encontrar uma fonte de alimentação para qualquer indústria, automação ou aplicação elétrica. Para transformadores, você pode escolher, entre outros, PCB, toroidal, chassis e din tipos de montagem.

Where's the wearables?

Rings and bracelets have been around for thousands of years. The first major technological advance on these was the wristwatch – which became popular during the First World War. Now, we’re inserting technology into many things – smart bracelets, watches and rings are becoming common. And technology is also making it into other items that we wear.


Working in some of the harshest environments Automotive components must be robust and reliable.


In today’s world we are interacting with wireless technology more than ever, whether at home in the office or at the workshop, it’s never far away. Contactless payment, wireless internet access and GPS are the everyday applications we associate with wireless communications.