Phoenix Contact is a global manufacturer of electrical engineering and automation products with a turnover of 1.77 billion euros (2014). To help deliver such an impressive product range, the company has 10 production plants, 50 sales branches, 30+ local agencies, and employs over 14,000 employees.

Phoenix Contact is a market leader in the following areas: Control cabinet (From the terminal block to the controller), Field installation (I/O wiring systems and industrial plug-in connectors), device and connection technologies (printed circuit board connection and electronics housing). Engineers can therefore put together a customized package for special tasks.

Each industry sector places particular demands on system automation. To support for a great variety of projects, RS carries an extensive range of Phoenix Contact industrial offerings such as Terminal blocks, Relay Modules, Power Supplies & Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Circuit Breakers, Controllers and Programmable logic controllers (PLC's), Industrial PC, Industrial Ethernet, I/O Systems: IP20 Remote I/O (Inline & Axioline F), IP67 Remote I/O (Fieldline), Printed circuit boards (PCBs), Enclosures and Boxes, Marking & Labeling, Systems Cabling for distributed control systems (DCS) & PLCs, Signal conditioners, Surge Protection, Industrial Connectors, Cables and Cordsets, Wireless Data Communication.

Phoenix Contact - your partner for Industry 4.0

DIN rail terminal blocks, power supplies, industrial and electronic connectors, I/O modules, circuit protection, relays and safety products are the key technologies we have available to make your production systems ready for the future.

Featured Products

RIFLine Coupling Relay With Force Guided Contacts

  • Maximum reliability with force guided contacts in accordance with EN50205
  • Easy operation thanks to state of the art wiring and easy potential distribution concept
  • Reliable system for high machine and system availability
  • Complete range covering all standard applications

Signal conditioners for reliable transmission of signals

  • Save up to 65% space compared to standard isolators
  • Precise transmission and high operational reliability
  • Maximum explosion protection for all Ex zones and gas groups
  • Detect temperatures directly in the field

Contactron Networkable Hybrid Motor Starters

  • Flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection with an appropriate gateway
  • Easy 24V power supply of IFS (Interface system) devices without additional wiring effort
  • Up to 32 motor starters can be integrated via one gateway
  • Corresponding gateways available for all common fieldbus networks

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