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RS PRO Arrest Block, Lanyard Single

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Marca RS PRO

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RS PRO Arrest Block, Lanyard Single


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RS PRO Mini Reel Arrest Block

From RS PRO, this mini fall arrest block is a compact solution to health and safety when working at height. This fall arrest system is designed to attach to a body harness and stable anchor point, ensuring that, should a worker fall or lose their footing, the lanyard will save them from a potentially damaging or even fatal fall. The length of the lanyard allows flexibility of movement, and as it is retractable the system lessens the chance of the lanyard becoming entangled or inconvenient to the wearer.

The lanyard features an energy-absorbing reel which lessens the fall arrest force. This energy absorber, or shock absorber, can potentially lessen any jarring impact should a fall occur.

Features and Benefits

• Upper snap hook for attachment to anchor point
• Webbing snap hook
• Webbing retractor enclosed
• Self-retracting
• Identity label
• Weight 1.5kg


Retractable fall arrest blocks are designed to be used with fall arrest harnesses to ensure the safety of people working at height. They are a vital piece of health and safety equipment wherever a job takes place above ground level, and should only be used with proper training. Fall arrest blocks are often used by;

• Scaffolders
• Construction workers
• Tree surgeons


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand when you need quality, reliability, and value for money. With a wide selection of products, each rigorously tested by our in-house experts, RS PRO has the parts and tools you need.

Our range of safety gear and personal protection equipment is extensive, and we're confident we can support you no matter what you need. Whether you're an independent tradesman looking for appropriate PPE, or need workwear for an entire staff, RS PRO is with you every step of the way.

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