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RS PRO Black Back Support Belt, 36 → 42in

Nº de Estoque RS 656-7105
Marca RS PRO

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RS PRO Black Back Support Belt, 36 → 42in


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RS PRO Back Support Belt

From the trusted RS PRO brand, this back support is specially designed to give excellent lower back support, which can help reduce back stress and potential injuries. The adjustable support belt fastens by a simple velcro strapping system, meaning you can adjust it for a comfortable fit and suitable support.

Back braces are often worn around the waist to relieve pressure on the lower back while lifting and potentially prevent injuries. Lumbar support is shown to be effective in preventing muscle injury during lifting, and this compression band back support is a cost-effective preventative measure.

Features and Benefits

• Durable and lightweight
• Manufactured from nylon
• Hook and loop fastenings for easy adjustment
• The belt stretches for user comfort


Sometimes known as a lumbar support belt or lumbar brace, back supports are used wherever potential injury to the back from repetitive or heavy lifting is a possibility. Back support belts work by ensuring better posture when lifting, taking the stress off the lower back, and potentially reducing back pain caused by incorrect lifting posture. They are used in any occupation where repetitive lifting is likely, and injury prevention is a concern.

For lumbar and spine support in heavy-duty applications, this back brace belt is ideal.


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand when you need quality, reliability, and value for money. With a wide selection of products, each rigorously tested by our in-house experts, RS PRO has the parts and tools you need.

Our range of safety gear and personal protection equipment is extensive, and we're confident we can support you no matter what you need. Whether you're an independent tradesman looking for appropriate PPE, or need workwear for an entire staff, RS PRO is with you every step of the way.

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