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RS PRO Yellow Hi Vis Vest, XL

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Marca RS PRO

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RS PRO Yellow Hi Vis Vest, XL

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Detalhes do produto

RS PRO 2 Band & Braces Hi-Vis Vest

From RS PRO, this high-vis vest is ideal for health and safety applications in all kinds of work environments. With a simple waistcoat design that fastens with a convenient velcro strip, these high visibility vests are perfect for placing over all kinds of workwear. Comfortable and convenient, the high vests have reflective bands, two vertical and two horizontal, so that reflecting light highlights the wearer as distinctly as possible in low light conditions. It also has yellow fluorescent colouring for excellent high visibility in normal light conditions.

The Velcro, hook and loop fastening give you a close secure fit and the waistcoat is made from lightweight polyester fabric. For health and safety that is convenient and comfortable, these high-vis vests are an excellent option.

Features and Benefits

• High visibility vest / waistcoat
• 2 Band and Braces marking
• High Reflective tape – 5 cm wide
• 100% Polyester knitting fabric – 120 gsm
• Velcro, hook and loop closure at the front
• Yellow fluorescent colour
• Ensures visibility


Hi vis workwear is a staple of personal protection equipment. The best kind of protection from workplace accidents is the avoidance of accidents, and high visibility workwear and ensures that workers are clearly seen. Whether you're working in a warehouse, or roadside, being clearly seen to forklift operators, drivers and other workers is the simplest way to make sure potential collision accidents are avoided, regardless of lighting conditions. They are typically used in;

• Warehouse
• Construction
• Factory production

What are the advantages of hi-vis vests over other visibility solutions?

High visibility clothing often includes hi-vis jackets, bibs and even trousers but hi-vis vests, sometimes known as hi-vis waistcoats, are highly regarded for their suitability for covering other workwear, be it a business suit or overalls. As they are lightweight and sleeveless, they are simple to take on and off as needed, and so are a convenient and simple solution to high visibility PPE.

How to clean a hi vis vest?

To ensure the effectiveness of your high vis vest it is important to keep it clean. Most high vis clothing can be cleaned in a washing machine on a 'delicates' setting, providing excess dirt is removed as much as possible beforehand. For maximum care and longevity, wash by hand.


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand when you need quality, reliability, and value for money. With a wide selection of products, each rigorously tested by our in-house experts, RS PRO has the parts and tools you need.

Our range of safety gear and personal protection equipment is extensive, and we're confident we can support you no matter what you need. Whether you're an independent tradesman looking for appropriate PPE, or need workwear for an entire staff, RS PRO is with you every step of the way.

Hi Vis/Reflective Clothing


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